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"I thank Caroline for her terriffic work on the show. I loved working with her and really enjoyed getting to know her."

- Danny Strong  

Two time Emmy Award winner, co-creator, executive producer, and writer for the Fox series Empire,  NAACP Image Award winner for Outstanding Drama Series, writer of Hunger Games, Part 1 & 2, 

“Caroline Perzan has worked with me on numerous projects and I wholeheartedly recommend her. We worked together on many feature films under trying conditions and in stressful situations. Most features are designed and produced with specific artistic goals in mind.  Caroline understood those goals and was able to function within their particular frameworks. Most often, she contributed above and beyond what was required. Caroline is warm and friendly, a worker willing to help others. She always works until completion and she does not become discouraged when the work appears impossible or overwhelming.  It was a great pleasure to work with Caroline Perzan. She is knowledgeable, experienced and willing. I am confident that she will be more than capable and competent to fulfill her commitments.” -Marvin March, 5 time Academy Award Set Decorator nominee


“Caroline and I have worked together for the past 14 years. Our first film together was "The Horse Whisperer" in Montana.  I remember one night on set when Robert Redford, our director, had requested wicker furniture for the set decor for the next morning shot. Caroline had arranged for a store in the closest town which was 2 hours away to stay open late in the evening for us.  The perfect vintage set of wicker furniture arrived the very next morning.  This is only one example of her extraordinary work choosing set decor elements for the many films we have worked on together.” -Hilton Rosemarin, 30 year feature film set decorator veteran


“Caroline did a great job re-designing my office!  It now has a zen-like quality.  Her creativity transformed a drab, unassuming space into a peaceful, usable and comfortable place to work.  With simple added touches of natural art, desk lighting and ergonomic furniture, I feel this is now a space that reduces stress and increases serenity, therefore, I am more productive.  Her ability to see the big picture is uncanny.  She has also helped me to be more organized by efficiently maximizing the space I have.”  - Daniel Coss, client


“Caroline Perzan has worked with me on numerous occasions during the past sixteen years as both a buyer and set decorator. She is highly organized, creative and dedicated with impressive vendors connections that have often save the day!  These qualities have given Caroline an excellent reputation among her crew and peers. In addition, she is someone you can count on to show up with all the bells and whistles, on time and within budget. I highly recommend her -- top notch!” Cherie Baker, film and television production designer and Emmy Nominee 


“Caroline Perzan has made the jobs that she has worked on with me go very smoothly and easy.  When I am putting a lot of money and work into a project, I want it to look good and appeal to people.  Having Caroline do the design aspect for me makes my job so much easier.  On a recent condominium rehab in Chicago, Caroline came up with great designs within my budget.  She emailed me pictures of her ideas and recommendations- all I had to do was point, click and order the products.  She was also there to make sure everything went together as planned.  When the job was finished, the condominium was a showpiece and quickly sold.  Caroline has made my life so much easier whether she is working on my own jobs or as a liaison with customers.  Everyone winds up happy and everything looks great.  I highly recommend Caroline Perzan.” - David Ellis, client 

"Caroline Perzan possesses a diverse palette of extraordinary talents. Our professional and social association spans over 15 years.  Caroline has always been highly creative, aware of the smallest detail, organized, and dedicated to obtaining the right piece of decor for the look. She has experience in all styles of floor plans and is acutely responsive to the budget. Her source book reads like a road map containing unique vendors from past shows, coast to coast.  These qualities have given Caroline an excellent reputation in the studio business, among her peers and in the company of people she works with. Personally, I find her positive, "I can make it happen" attitude to be a vital asset that makes the long hours we must put into these arduous projects so productive." - Brenda Meyers Ballard, 30 year set decorator veteran and Emmy Nominee for the television series C.S.I.

“We recently did a complete redo of our master bathroom. Caroline was very helpful in many different ways. She came up with several ideas for creating additional space in the bathroom and helped us pick out and coordinate cabinets, tile, and all the other numerous things needed. She found sources for us online where we were able to buy items saving us time and money.  We love the finished results. It’s like having our own spa!”

- Dr. and Mrs. Tom Kirts

Caroline is knowledgeable, resourceful and creative. She has a large and wide network of resources and provides alternatives/several options in her proposals (art procurement, fabric resources, upholstery options). She is passionate about her work, she's an artist and she brings her work to beautiful fruition whether you're a client with a small spark of an idea/inspiration or approach her with something more fully realized - she's flexible! I appreciate that she is a woman of many creative interests, I believe this makes her approach and her work more dynamic. She is a joy to work with! - Brenna Duffy, Client


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