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Caroline's Story

A 30-year veteran set decorator in television and feature films, Caroline Perzan is also the owner of her own interior design firm who has worked extensively all around the country.  


Born in Chicago, Caroline is the daughter of an interior designer/artist mother and a father who is a remodeler, antique collector and furniture builder. Together the family would design and build furniture and lamps. As a young girl, her first experience with creating worlds was with a Victorian dollhouse she and her father built together. The family also electrified sconces and chandeliers, sewed drapery and built furniture for the dollhouse. She was creating worlds with details at a very young age and now, as a set decorator, her creative mind is still creating sets that bring alive the vision of the writer and director. Caroline has extensive design, art research and set decor buying experience with a expansive list of national and international suppliers and artists. She endeavors to stay ahead of design trends and especially loves to discover new artists. She infuses her deep love of art into her projects. Her strong sense of style, aesthetics, management skills and the ability to work collaboratively have contributed to her success. She has a special interest in sustainable design and "green" interiors for interior design clients in between films. 


After attending the school of The Art Institute of Chicago, where Caroline studied painting and sculpture, her sense of adventure brought her to Portland, Oregon. There, while walking by a film set, she volunteered to help out and so, at 21, began her career as a set decorator in the film and television business. Caroline then moved to Los Angeles were she worked on major film and television productions. Many of these were Academy award and Emmy nominations or winning projects. Some included "Man of Steel” “Breaking Bad”, “The Horse Whisperer”, “The Blindside” and “Addams Family Values" where she worked with the famous two time Academy award winner and three time Academy award nominee production designer Ken Adam who is famous for the classic James Bond movie designs was one of her many talented mentors who she had the honor of working under on two feature films. One of her most recent projects was set decorator for FOX's Empire.


Caroline enjoys spending time with her husband and family and is passionate about the fine arts.

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